Tuesday, January 28, 2014


So by now everyone should have heard about the route announcement.  It's a Northern route this year.  3rd shortest and 2nd flattest.  The last few years have been pretty easy.  Not sure if it's because the heat has been so horrible the last few years or if they are just trying to maximize revenue.

Personally I enjoy a challenge.  The first year I went in 2009 I think was in the top ten for distance and climb.  The weather was overall pretty good and I really enjoyed myself.

I road Snake Alley non stop!

2011 was quite a bit easier but the heat was pretty killer.  I almost quit halfway through.  Of course it ran though Boone and Altoona.  I had family in Boone so both of those nights I had a nice bed and A/C.  I think that is what almost did me in.  Those temp swings made the days rougher.  The nights I was in a tent were not as much of a shock in the morning.  Of course literally drinking 2 gallons of water each day and not having to pee were strange.
Off we go!

Last year was just about perfect weather wise.  I didn't have the vacation time since Libby was born last May.  I did get to do a single day though.  I took Davan in the Burley and we did Des Moines to Knoxville.
Mr Pork Chop

Music break in the town square

We made it!

I'm 90% sure I'm doing RAGBRAI this year.  what I'm not sure about is what I'm going to do about getting my stuff from town to town.  In 2009 I used a co-worker's bike club.  I really liked it and the price was right, but they are based out of Ottumwa.  2011 a friend and I went together and her boyfriend drove a truck with all our stuff.  That was awesome because each day he set-up and took down the tent.  She's going again this year, but her mom might go.  And not sure if her BF is driving or not.  Depends on his summer work situation.
There are lot's of services but they tend to start out around $400.  And I would still need to get myself to the start and home again.  I just can't afford that.  Of course the Register has their bag truck.  But lugging my gear at the end of the day doesn't appeal to me much.  I could bag it and pull all my junk in the Burley....

I have one problem with RAGBRAI.  My anniversary is July 22nd.  So every so often it's during the ride.  In 2009 Jen had me tie a Happy Anniversary ballon to my bike.  This year it's during the ride again.  With the girls and the northern route I won't be able to see Jen this time.

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