Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weather Teaser

I feel a little weird writing about this now that it's back in the 30's but we finally got some awesome weather.  Sunday and Monday were great.  I think it got into the upper 40's or low 50's on Sunday and high 60's on Monday.

I wanted to get out on Sunday but I really needed to get the cars cleaned up also.  I also had to be at work by 2:30 and Jen got off at 2 so I really didn't have any time.
So Monday was going to be the day.  I really wanted to get on the bike but the kids had swim lessons at 6:30 and there just wouldn't be enough time to get everything ready and still have time to get in any decent mileage.  So I decided to do my first real run outside.  I've been kind of worried how I would do since outside is on pavement and has inclines vs. the cushy and perfectly level track.

I stopped at home because Jen needed her sandals and also changed.  Then I drove to the gym and was going to start from there.  I'm not exactly sure of my distance because I don't have one of those fancy GPS watches but Jen claims I ran about 3.5 miles.  For the Altoona people I ran from the Campus to the bridge on the Gay Lea Wilson trail and then had to run home.   I forgot Jen's sandals.  Opps.  We live in Eagle Ridge and the trail connects to the back of our subdivision.  It's pretty awesome having a trail entrance right off our back door.  Sandals in hand I ran back to the campus.  Did all that in about 40 minutes.  If the distance is accurate I ran about a 9:30-10 minute pace.  On the track I was doing a 9-9:30 pace.  So not to bad for my first time out.  I will say that the route I took was pretty flat.  The only real incline was the street behind my house.  I'll need to start running some sections that have some hills.

I did have one thing that kind of slowed me down at first.  Stuff in my pockets.  I love my shorts but they have very deep pockets.  That means if you have anything with any weight it will flop around and is very annoying.  I had my iPhone in my left pocket and my keys and a knife clipped to the right pocket.  I don't like holding onto it but I can carry the phone.  It's easier to skip songs if I get something slow and need something a little more conducive to running.  The keys were another problem though.  I tried to find a spot on my car to leave them, but they make car keys so bulky now and with the other keys I have I just couldn't find a hiding place that would work.  I eventually just tucked the car key into my underwear and left the others hanging out.  I probably sounded like Santa Clause with the jingling but it's the only solution that worked.

I'd also like to mention that the City of Altoona does a fantastic job of maintaining the trails.  They routinely run a sweeper down the trail and it was built right so tree roots do not break through.  You can defiantly tell when you cross over into Pleasant Hill.  It's always littered with leafs and twigs and walnuts.  There are several sections where the drainage is poor and it runs over the trail and several areas where roots have pushed up the pavement.  If your not a biker or runner you might think big deal, but stepping on a walnut while running can break an ankle and hitting one at 20 mph on a bike can send you right over the handle bars.  Twigs and sticks can puncture tires.  And broken pavement is just as annoying as potholes when driving a car.

This weekend is supposed to be nice again.  Sunday looks like my best chance.  I might take the girls to the Zoo though.  We will see.